matt's reference centre

This reference centre is used to host all of the research and interviews I do myself to mark them as published sources. This means that I go out and either:


Q: I think I’m lost.. where’s home?
A: You can get back home here

Q: Why not say that they are unpublished sources?
A: There are two valid reasons here: for one, it removes an ever tiny bit of credibility, as it means there’s no other way to validate the information other than what you said was there, and it looks less professional than a link to an actual interview’s audio, for instance.

Q: Does this mean you’re part of Tech Twitter?
A: God, I wish. /s

Q: Wait, so in a way, you make up your own sources?
A: Technically, yes. I do make my own sources by interviewing people I’ve met in the past, as well as those who I work alongside throughout my educational and technical career. But at the same time: I’m not as:

If you’re looking for my opinion on things, I post that kind of thing on occasion on my portfolio’s blog.

Q: Is there a list of all of the things you’ve published here?
A: Sadly, no. I may flesh this out more in the future, but for now it’s meant to simply function as a way to show teachers a reputable-ish looking site that fits the bill.